Hello everyone!

I haven’t had must time to post anything (and probably still won’t in the near future), focusing at the moment on my saga The Imagined Ones, the first book of which you can find here on Amazon, in French only for now. But here’s a short disclaimer about what content I will post on this website.

Just a word | Beware the banana peel | lisaseneque.com

My advice is not gospel and doesn’t pretend to be. It’s not the only way to finally write a book or create a story with 100% chance of success (which, by the way, does not exist, you’ll always have someone who doesn’t like your work). If it helps you, then great, if you have something constructive to add to it, even better! If it leaves you indifferent, I sincerely hope you found what you were looking for on other blogs.

Mostly, I’ll talk about clichés, tropes, genres, everything that puts a story into one category, sometimes two, what annoys me and what could be awesome with just a few tweaks.

I’m not following any particular rules, so the subjects touched here will be diverse, depending mostly on my current obsessions.

I’ll also post a few of my works, thankfully not as heavy as The Imagined Ones. A few short texts in both French and English, the advancements made on my second book, and basically all the really bad ideas going through my mind 😀

That’s about it! In the meantime, good day to all! 🙂

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